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Any student ranking Orange Belt or above should purchase their own sparring equipment through SVKC.

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Triangle Defense  Seminar

We had a very good showing from the Souhegan Valley Karate Club at Kyoshi Annesi's Triangle Defense Seminar that was held Sunday March 27. The triangle defense utilized an initial body position that seems.... well, unusual (think the opening move of Kanku-Dai) but it actually worked to allow receiving most upper body blows with minimal motion. Coupled with minimal motion off-balancing and follow-up blows, it definitely rates keeping in our response "tool box". Where this approach really shined was when it was applied with your back to the wall faced by a semi-circle of attackers. We used the the triangle defense approach to "herd" the attackers so that they were in each other's way. All in all, a great seminar with a great group.

July 4th Photo
Fourth of July!
July 4th 2nd Photo
July 4th 2nd Photo
Everyone at Xmas

Know Your Art

What does "Shorin Ryu" mean?

  "Chubu Shorin Ryu" means: "The Middle Way through the Small Pine Forest."

Who are the founders of the two styles we practice?

  We practice two traditional Okinawan styles of Karatedo. The first, Shorin Ryu (a Japanese translation of Shao Lin), was founded by O'Sensei Chotoku Kyan on the Okinawan fundamental style called Shuri-te. "Te" means "hand." Goju Ryu, which originated from Naha-te, was founded by O'Sensei Chojun Miyagi.Goju means hard/soft. Shuri and Naha are cities on the island of Okinawa.

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